Quick Tour

There are lots of features and enhancements in Magic Keyboard 2.  Here are some of the main ones to start you off.  You'll find even more in the Settings menu !

Quick Access

You can access some of the main functions of the keyboard by long-pressing '123' and sliding to the desired option:

In order they are:
  • Alternate languages (those you have installed)
  • The voice-to-text feature
  • The emoji screen
  • The settings menu (also available via Androids 'Language & input' menu)
  • The 'hide keyboard' function


You can operate voice-to-text in single use mode (which lists options once done) or continuous mode (which automatically enters your text as you speak, requires Android 4+).  

Single use mode is the default but you can change it using the Voice Recognition sub-menu; tick 'Enable Voice Typing' for continuous mode:

Theme designer

Use the theme designer to set your own colours, styles and background images:

Customisable emoticons

Magic Keyboard has the standard Android emoticons built-in, but you can change them to anything you like. Long-press the <Enter> key for quick access:


There are more than 500 emoji categories into 28 groups:

Configurable number and arrow rows

You can add an optional row of arrows or numbers.
If you select numbers, you'll see numbers on the main keyboard, and arrows on the numbers keyboard:

Smart predictions

Magic Keyboard makes predictions based on previous words in the sentence (it can learn over time, too!)


Magic Keyboard will auto-correct your typing.  You can control its behaviour using the aggression setting in the Typing sub-menu.  Moving the slider to the right will make the keyboard correct aggressively (more often) , moving it to the left will have the opposite effect:

Auto Text

Configure shortcuts for commonly used or difficult to type phrases:

Editable User Dictionary

Magic Keyboard integrates with Android's user dictionary - you can add/remove words and even change their frequency score via Magic Keyboard's settings menu:


Juanchuus said...

It's a great keyboard, just want to know how can I find this symbols "¿" and "¡"

david johnson said...

I found the mic icon everything is good

Al Chedd said...

it's definitely best keyboard app that found, you can put your own picture on and customize and pimp it out

Karen Schloss said...

How do I get rid of a word in the default dictionary? 9/10 times I type "and" and get Abd instead, with suggestions to follow with Allah.