Here are some answers to popular questions.  Please e-mail us with any other questions.

How do I change the settings ?

You can access the settings in three ways:
- via the Android settings menu (under Language)
- via '123' long press on the main keyboard
- via the settings key on the numbers keyboard (the cog wheel icon at the top right)

How do I get out of CAPS lock ?

Double-tap shift to turn CAPS lock on/off

Where is the MIC key ?

Press and hold the '123' key on the letters keyboard

How do I reduce the memory that it uses ?

Firstly, remember that Android is not Windows.  It's normal to use all of your RAM.  The operating system will free up memory only when it needs to.

Magic Keyboard's memory usage is relatively large is because it loads the current language packs into RAM.  It will examine your phone's capabilites first (specifically, it's per-app heap size) in order to figure out how many it can load.  On a small (16MB / app) device, it will load around 1 million word chains.  On a modern device (48 or 64 MB / app) it can load up to 5 million.  Word-chains help with next word prediction and auto-correct.

If you would still like to reduce the memory footprint of Magic Keyboard, go to Settings > Dictionary Size and set it to Small (for older phones) or Medium (for newer phones).  This will cause the keyboard to load fewer word-chains into memory, reducing the memory footprint.

As word-chain loading happens on start-up you'll need to stop and start the keyboard if you change this setting (or just restart your device).

Can I turn off the pop-up preview keys ?

Yes, go to Settings > Appearance  > Key Preview Size and resize or disable the pop-ups.
In recent versions the default is off.

Can I turn off the sound effects ?

Go to Settings > Sound & Vibration
Slide the volume slider to the far left for no sound, or set Sound Effect Type to 'No Sound'

How do I change the haptic feedback (vibration) on key presses ?

Go to Settings > Sound & Vibration > Vibration Duration
Slide it right to increase, left to decrease.
Slide it to the far left to disable.

How do I access accented characters ?

Via long-press (e.g. long press 'a' for 'á', 'ä' etc)

How do I add a word to the user dictionary ?

If you type a word that Magic Keyboard doesn't recognise, you will see the word appear in the suggestions bar followed by a plus sign  (+).  If appropriate there may be more than one capitalisation of the word.
If you then select it from the suggestions bar, it will be added to your user dictionary.

You can see the contents of the user dictionary via Settings > User Dictionary
User Dictionary words are stored by language.

Why are my user dictionary words still underlined in red ?

Many Android 4 phones ship with Android's built-in spell check turned on. 
Magic Keyboard works best with it turned off. 
Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard - find the spell checker and turn it off

How do I make a user dictionary word appear in the suggestions bar less often ?

Magic Keyboard will learn over time, but you can also down-rate it via Settings > User Dictionary (click on the word and adjust the star rating).

How do I make a user dictionary word appear in the suggestions bar more often ?

Magic Keyboard will learn over time, but you can also up-rate it via Settings > User Dictionary (click on the word and adjust the star rating).

How can I stop the auto-correct changing my text ?

There is an auto-correct aggression setting - moving the slider to the right means auto-correct will run more aggressively (more often), moving it left will mean it is less likely to make changes.

If desired you could also turn if off completely.  Magic Keyboard's suggestions work well in non-correcting mode, though you'll need to select the suggested words if you want them.
Go to Settings > Typing > Auto correct (untick the box).

It's best to add unrecognised words to the dictionary as you encounter them - that way they won't be modified by auto-correct in future.

How can I switch languages without changing settings ?

To switch language quickly, long press the '123' key.

Where are the arrow keys ?

They're on the additional symbols keyboard (tap the '√π' key). You can also add a permanent arrows row to the keyboard in the 'Layout & Language' menu.


Henrique Costa said...

Is there a way to remove the long press numbers from the first row (QWERTYUIOP) ?

Henrique Costa said...

For the Brazilian Portuguese Language it is more confortable to have the acentuation than numerals as the frequency of acentuation is higher than the numbers.

picomat said...

Hello Henrique. Thanks for your comments.
We'll consider adding an option whereby long-press numbers and symbols can be turned off (leaving only accented characters).

I'm afraid we don't yet support pt_pt or br_pt dictionaries.. we hope to add them in future.

Peter Cox said...

Hi, l love the keyboard however even in great britain mode there is a dollar symbol where a pound should be please update. Cheers Pete

John said...

half of my friends are English and half French. I have downloaded both dictionaries but have not been able to find and easy way to switch from one to another. The text prediction is great but when I text in French I have to go back and correct every other word because "you" have changed it to an English word.

It would be great if there was a way to change dictionaries without having to go into Android/options.

picomat said...

Hi John,

You can do this by long-pressing the '123' key on the main keyboard.

It will popup a menu which includes language selection - just slide to the language you want.

The first time you load a new dictionary it takes a second or so, from then on it should be quick.


Picomat Studios

Anonymous said...

Does auto text has a way to input current date/time?

Anonymous said...

Need a way to give an error when a duplicate autotext is entered. Also ability to quickly jump to autotext section based on first letter pressed. I have hundreds now and tough to scroll through list. Thx

Anonymous said...

Please add square and curly brackets to j and k with the parentheses. Also, an optional row of arrow keys would be lovely. :-)

vsu said...

Switching the language is too cumbersome — language options are at the far end of the popup. Please provide an option which places input language items at the start of the popup. And if the list would be rotated after switching the language, so that the currently selected language will be displayed at the end, then a long press of the “123” button without movement could be used as a language toggle, which would be great for people who need to swap between two languages often, like Russian+English. Or add support for language switch methods used by other keyboards (using a swipe or hold of the spacebar key).

Also I have not been able to find a way to switch to another input method without going through the system settings app (at least on Android 4.0.4 the configure button opens the input method configuration screen where input methods could be enabled, disabled and configured, but the option to select the default input method is not available there).

picomat said...

Hi vsu, thanks for the ideas which we'll consider for Magic Keyboard 2.
The quick way to switch keyboards on most Android 4 devices is to pull down from the top of the screen when the keyboard is displayed and select 'Choose input method'

Anonymous said...

I cannot download the dictionary as i get a message saying that my device has insufficient capacity. This is odd as it is a galaxy note 2 which is only a few monthhs old. Can you help please? Seb

Anonymous said...

I wanted buy it but the app requires the internet permission without a real reason and there's not a "privacy policy" on this site