Magic Keyboard on Android KitKat

Thinking about upgrading to Android 4.4?  Here are a couple of new features that might convince you to make the move!

Colour emoji

KitKat has full colour emoji support for the first time, so no more monochrome!

Faster runtime

This one is for the developers and enthusiasts only!  Android 4.4 includes an experimental release of Android's new runtime, ART.  It will eventually replace Davlik (presumably, it will be the default in version 5).

This is advertised as a work in progress and so comes with a health warning: "Dalvik must remain the default runtime or you risk breaking your Android implementations and third-party applications". This means "only use it at your own risk!".  We have already noticed some apps that are not compatible.  For that reason, we'll leave the instructions to make the switch as an exercise for the reader...

Our tests show a 25% performance improvement when running on ART, if you try it please let us know if you notice a difference!

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