Installing Magic Keyboard on a new device

If you have a shiny new Android device for Christmas, and you'd like to copy your Magic Keyboard user data from your old device, here's how to do it.

  • Install MK2 pro on your new device
  • Switch back to the standard keyboard on your new device
  • Restart your new device (to make sure MK2 is not running)
  • Then, you should be able to copy the contents of
    /<external storage>/Android/data/com.picomat.magickeyboard2/files
    into the equivalent directory on your new device.
    The location of <external storage> may vary.  It could be /mnt/sdcard, or in main storage if there is no SDcard.

    The files of interest here are autotext.txt (your auto text shortcuts) and usr*.dic (your learnt word files)
  • Your user dictionary is held using Android's own user words mechanism.
    If you're keen to move this over, you could try this or something similar:
  • Switch back to MK2 and test
  • You'll then need to re-configure typing settings, themes and so on

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