Typing and auto-correction

Magic keyboard has several typing options.  The most important is auto-correct, which can be toggled on or off.

By default, auto-correct is on.  This means that you can type at speed and due to Magic Keyboard's ability to recognise context it should do a good job of correcting any typos.

As you type, keep an eye on the left most suggestion.  At all times, this text will be inserted if you press the spacebar next.

In this example, the phrase 'the' will be inserted if spacebar is hit. 

It is preferred over the (possibly more likely) 'thinking' since it is nearer in length to the typed text - this means that you can type at speed without looking at the suggestion bar and rely on Magic Keyboard to correct your typing.
If you prefer to watch the suggestions and use them as shortcuts then of course you can do that too, the choice is yours!

With auto-correct off, Magic Keyboard behaves slightly differently.  There is no longer any need to supply the most-likely similar length word as the first suggestion (nor the current text).  Instead, the suggestions bar will fill with words based on likelyhood only (not length).  Here's the result for the same text.

Suggestions are given simply in order of likelyhood.  If you wish to use one of them, just select it from the suggestions bar.

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