A tour of Magic Keyboard

(Before we start a quick disclaimer... if you have the Beta version of Magic Keyboard then the predictive capability we're about to describe only operates if the language is British English.  The Free version will only perform next-word prediction once you've started the current word.  The Pro version will of course do full prediction in all languages).

So you've downloaded Magic Keyboard (thanks!).  You've even managed to install it .  What does it do ?

Let's open up messaging and have a look.  Assuming you really did install it, you'll see Magic Keyboard in place of your old keyboard.  Grey, isn't it ?  Don't worry, we can do something about that later.

For now though let's try and type something. 
How about 'I need a drink.  Meet me later this evening'.

Ok so let's start typing...

That's good, we only need to get as far as 'I n' before 'need' is suggested to us.  We'll click on 'need' to choose it.

Having done that, Magic Keyboard (the Pro version, anyway) suggests a number of things you might need... in this case we want 'a'.

And again, there are a number of suggestions that might reasonably follow the text 'I need a'. 

The predictive dictionaries in Magic Keyboard contain millions of entries, so you should find that much of the time it has a good idea of what you'd like to say.  Try completing the sentence to see how it works.

Depending on your device, you might see slightly different suggestions to those above. 
Since you can use Magic Keyboard on a variety of Android devices, it will adapt the size of its dictionaries according to your device.  In other words, the better your phone the better the prediction !
(for the technically minded, the key factor is maximum heap size per application - the higher this is, the more space Magic Keyboard has to work with)

Want to know more ?   Then read on !
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