How to change the appearance of Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard starts off looking grey.  Don't like grey?  Here's how to change it.

First you need to go into settings.  One way to do that is via your standard Android menu ('Language & Keyboard' on Android 2, 'Language & input' on Android 4).

If you already have Magic Keyboard open, there's a short-cut.  Just tap '123' to access the number pad, and find the settings icon in the top right hand corner...

You should then see the keyboard settings:

Select Magic Keyboard (Beta, in this case), and then 'Appearance' and 'Keyboard Colour' 

Swipe left and right until you find something you like, then tap OK to save.  The next time you use the keyboard you'll see your new colour in action !

There are a few other settings in the Appearance menu.

If you find Magic Keyboard takes up too much of the screen, or is not big enough for your fingers, you can also change the keyboard height.  There are separate settings for portrait and landscape modes.

Lastly, you can change the size of the key preview pop-up, or disable it completely.

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