Saturday, 28 July 2012

Magic Keyboard Free out now !

Magic Keyboard Free is now available from the Google Play store.

5 Lanugage packs including dictionaries and predictive text are available as separate download:
  • British English
  • US English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
Look our for Magic Keyboard Pro later in the week, featuring extra themes and amazing next-word prediction!

Installing Magic Keyboard

When you download Magic Keyboard you should see a new app icon on your phone (see bottom right)

Click on it and you'll see this screen:

Click on the 'Enable' button.
Scroll the resulting list until you see Magic Keyboard, then tick the box :

When you tick the box you'll see a warning message:

This is Android's standard message whenever you install a new keyboard.

Rest assured that Magic Keyboard will never retain or transmit your keystrokes (and unlike many keyboards on the market, it does not require permission to access the internet).

Click OK to dismiss the message.  The Magic Keyboard box will now be ticked.

Press back to return to the installation screen:

Press the 'Select' button, and select Magic Keyboard from the list.
The last step is to install your desired language from Google Play:

Click on the 'Install language pack' button to show the list of available languages:

Click the 'Install' button for your language.  This will take you to Google Play where you can download your language pack.

Once your lanugage is installed that's it!  Try composing a new text message and you'll see Magic Keyboard in place of your old keyboard.

Depending on your phone Magic Keyboard might take a second or two to fully load all its dictionaries, but you can start typing while it does so.